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Embark on a visual journey through the lens of creativity and capture the essence of life's beauty. Join us at our Photography Event, where every click tells a story and every frame paints a masterpiece


You can submit your original idea of photography in accordance with the event theme that showcases the mix of old customs and new ideas in any of the following sections in line with the event theme:

Candid Photography

Concept Photography

Fashion Photography


Submission should include:

A) Good quality photographs of your concept photography.

B) Concept note telling the story of your photograph.

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Rules & Regulations

  • The participants are solely responsible for taking care of their work.

  • No additional volunteers shall be allotted to safe guard the art work or craft.

  • Submit the original file (mail it to and for the display, print on A3, 300 GSM Glossy Paper.

  • Participants are allowed to use a DSLR or mobile phone (only one).

  • All participants must be present at the venue, with their ID card.

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